1.  Chicago/ Buck Town Tour with Virgil Abloh .

    A very long time ago I was a writer for a online magazine called Midwestern Goodness. We focused on midwestern culture that was overlooked by our counter parts on the Coast. To make a very very long story super short. We did a video with the one and only Virgli Abloh.(virgilabloh) Back in 2006. Very cool guy . I am glad to see that he has done so much for the culture of Chicago and fashion in general. Cheers to him and my partner in crime at the time Jay Bobo. Enjoy the video and a piece of history. If you look very closely you can catch me lurking in shots doing what I do best, chatting it up with people.

    D.C. Kareem.

  2. Chicago’s DJ Rashad found dead at 34

    Chicago has always been known to be progressive musically. DJ Rashad was no exception to this statement. Rashad was an innovator/creator of a version of dance/house music called “Juke” or “footwork” (due to it’s quick pace). He was found unresponsive in a Chicago apartment Saturday night due to an assumed drug overdose, just days away before his new project was set to drop today (Monday). Not only Chicago, but the entire music world as a whole has lost a true innovator. Despite his tragic end, his progressive and unique style will live on as his legacy. 

    Above is one of my personal favorite visuals of DJ Rashad’s entitled “I Don’t Give a Fuck.”

    RIP DJ Rashad!


  3. @MatteyTheDude’s Restaurant Reviews — Hudson 29

    Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) have built a name as some of the most prestigious restaurants in the city. Recently, they added a new name — Hudson 29 is conveniently located on Lane Avenue just inside Upper Arlington, situated in the quickly growing area of a new hotel, apartments, and a continuously growing “Shops on Lane Avenue” shopping center. The restaurant / bar features what they call a contemporary California cuisine, which can be described as serving pretty much anything and everything. Whether you’re in the mood for an enchilada or a cheeseburger, a rack of ribs or a roll of sushi, you have been introduced to the perfect place. 

    Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the new Cameron Mitchell joint is their craft carbonated bottled mixed beverages that are fully concocted by hand in-house. My personal favorite is the bourbon cola, a concoction of bulleit bourbon, raspberry puree and a house cola/carbonation.

    The sushi at Hudson 29 could aggressively compete for best sushi in Columbus. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out the surf & turf roll, a twist on the traditional shrimp tempura roll with the addition of cream cheese and the thinnest slice of raw filet and lightly cracked pepper on top.

    Contrary to everyone saying “the ribs fall off the bone,” these ribs truly fall off the bone. I attempted to split the rack up into a few bones in each section, but when I picked them up, the bone literally slid right out of the meat & I was left with a huge slab of rib meat and no bones — pretty impressive! The filet was cooked to perfection with an excellent seasoning that wasn’t too overpowering of the meat itself, but added just the compliment my palette was looking for. Complimented with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, I was left feeling full in a satisfied way rather than an uncomfortable stuffed feeling.

    Surely the area’s nicest restaurant to date, you absolutely NEED to check out Hudson 29 in Upper Arlington, whether it’s for a full dinner or you’re just stopping by for a drink at the huge wrap-around bar centered in the restaurant. You’ve done it AGAIN Cameron! Complimenting excellent food with incomparable service and knowledge, Hudson 29 is a fantastic addition to the city.

    Foodies beware — you will want to order the whole menu! (but go ahead, it’s ALL delicious!)


  4. Pharrell Williams “Pass The Courvoisier” Live @ Coachella

    Coachella has been known to push the limit in comparison to the other music festivals. Last year, they introduced 3-D virtual performances to the world by creating a hologram Tupac that performed in front of the gigantic crowd. With weekend one in the books, there have already been countless memorable performances that I’m kicking myself for not being there to witness.

    Check out this short snippet of Pharrel’s hour performance, where he brought out Busta Rhymes and Diddy to perform the classic joint “Pass The Courvoisier.”


  5. The Most Mesmerizing Skate Video of All Time. Kilian Martin: Altered Route

    When some one post a title as bold as I did you get very skeptical. Well don’t be. Its the god honest truth. This video is not the typical skate video its more of a dance. Footloose meets Thrashin.  Great music, will timed and placed edits and freestyle skateboarding tricks.  Check it out above and be the judge for yourself.


  6. The Gladiators of Calcio Storico

    Calcio Storico is probably the main influence of modern day American Football. If you stripped down the rules it would be punching and kicking your opponents to allow your team to score points. Some people would see this as brutal. In my eyes it is a preservation of history, culture and true sportsmanship

    Every year 4 teams from Florence compete in this ancient sport that was once played by Italian aristocrats . Watching this you see the pride that this men take in the sport. Their fear they have before stepping in the arena and joys of victory.

    These men are competing for more than the crowds entertainment .They are competing for the respect of the sport, their team, fellow man and themselves.



    Nat Taubman is one of the faces behind the Global self proclaimed “progressive street-wear” label Zanerobe. Nat’s quick interview talks about his rise from Junior Designer to Creative Director for Zanerobe. The up and downs and  pros and cons to this business we call fashion. Check out the interview and let Taubman explain them in his words and experiences.  Also check out Spring 2014 Zanerobe Collection arriving this week Milk Bar Boutique.



  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 - Official Trailer

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are rebooting in 2014 with the help of the king of explosiveCGI action Michael Bay.The kid in you should not be mad about this post. You should be excited in want to raid the storage unit your parents have and grab that TMNT pajama set and action figures they tucked away.

    Yes they look bigger and badder then the original but they are mutants they should look a little scary.  I am also excited to see April O-Neil look hotter than ever because she is played by the mega babe Megan Fox.

    Watch the trailer. Make you own assumptions but i will be there opening day in costume to watch the reboot.


  9. Columbus Alive! has announced the annual “Best of Columbus” list and we have found ourselves at the top of the list for Best Men’s Fashion Boutique, yet again! Thanks to the Alive! & our loyal customers for continuing to support the shop, we couldn’t have done it without you!

    Check out the other categories  here for some ideas of attractions to check out this spring.


  10. As I stated in my previous post, I recently returned from a week trip to Los Angeles, California. My homie @JustCamForShort & I also spent some time in San Diego. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I snapped while on the trip. We enjoyed checking out the culture and fashion, enjoyed some great eats and loved soaking up the weather and meeting new people! If you catch me out, ask me about my trip — I’d love to tell you more!


  11. I recently returned from a 9-day trip to LA. Since I haven’t taken that long of a trip in over a year, I had forgotten how tough packing can be — making sure you’re able to fit all the items you wish to bring along while still saving room for those unpredictable purchases you will make on vacation. I stumbled upon this video presented by Louis Vuitton on “The Art of Packing” that shows some good pointers on how to make all those items fit. Remember — save room for those purchases!



  12. Introducing : @MatteyTheDude’s Monthly Restaurant Feature




    If you know me, or even just follow me on social networks, one of the first things you know about me is my love for food and trying new places and dishes. From here on out, I am going to feature a new restaurant (new to me, not necessarily new to the city) and give you some insight on what to order.

    This month, I decided to visit the all new Strongwater, situated in the growing Franklinton district of downtown Columbus. Located in the 400 West Rich St warehouse, which features a party / event venue and many art studio spaces, the restaurant features a very unique feel.

    Upon entering the building, you immediately get the feeling that you’re in a warehouse (that’s because you are). It is nearly impossible to tell that there is a full restaurant here other than the bi-fold sign out front, but that makes it that much cooler, in my opinion. When you walk up the stairs from the lobby area, the restaurant opens up into a very intimate area with a wrap-around bar and table seating for parties of 2 or more.

    Possibly the coolest part of this place is the multiple private rooms that are off of the dining room. They remind me of the section at the pediatrics doctors office for very sick children to remain separate from the other children in the waiting room. Guests can sit their party in these rooms to section themselves off and make their party that much more intimate.

    Menu-wise, I was told that the items are ever-changing. This is why it will surely become a staple in my list of favorite places to visit. Their version of the currently popular Moscow Mule was exceptional and highly recommended.

    I ordered the smoked chicken kabobs for an appetizer. The two kabobs were places on top of a dried orange skillet cake with honey and lime drizzle. The chicken was perfectly tender and the skillet cake was so warm and moist. For an entree, I chose the chorizo and pear panini on ciabatta with thyme honey and swiss cheese. I am truly a sucker for odd combinations that taste delicious and this sandwich fell nothing short than that exciting adventure.

    Overall, this is an exciting place to take a date or even a small party of 4-or-so. They did an exceptional job with the decor and created a very unique atmosphere with laid back and artsy servers that create an all-around awesome experience.




  13. Mount Carmel- Get Pure. Album Preview

    Alive Naturalsound Records  is the home to a lot of great indie rock bands including one you all know The Black Keys from good ole Akron Ohio also known as A.K. Rowdy. A little south another Ohio Breed rock band is signed to the label and is pretty damn good. Columbus Ohio’s own Mount Carmel." The only non-bullshit hard rock band in goddamn America”

    Check out this single “Back On It.” Then head to Class Rock Magazine for the entire album preview.



  14. Introducing : Columbus, Ohio’s inaugural Fashion Meets Music Festival (FMMF)!

    "The three day event debuts a unique combination, fusing two complementary art forms, music and fashion, together as one entertainment platform experience," their initial press release reads.

    As two facets of society that influence each other first hand, fashion and music will come together to celebrate the art of each individual and the two as a team.

    "The festival, featuring seven indoor and outdoor stages, two fashion performance stages complete with runways, an urban campground, and a fashion and music retail marketplace located in the Columbus Convention Center, will make its appearance in the epicenter of the Arena District Friday August 29th thru Sunday the 31st" (press release).

    The festival is set to take the city over Labor Day weekend.

    "In addition to music and fashion, Nationwide Boulevard from High Street to Neil Avenue will be transformed into a streetscape of various cuisine and beverage selections; complete with gourmet food trucks, aerial zip lines, and one of North America’s largest Gondolas, towering 100 feet tall" (press release)

    It will be very exciting to watch this movement grow and attract many new faces in our area. Clear your schedules for Labor Day weekend, this will be the event you won’t want to miss!


  15. TDE x BornxRaised ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Oxymoron’ Release Party Recap Video.

    I had to post this. Just hyped to see a friend doing well. The night before this event I was face timing with my Boy Dom and Spanto founder of Born x Raised. I just remember him telling how he was “taking over L.A.” with this party. He was going over the budget which had some items I dare not mention on the net, but you can tell it was going to be epic.

    If you don’t know much about his brand Born X Raised . Its stands out to me because its stong belief on keeping L.A and his neighborhood Venice true to the people born and raised in their and the preservation of its culture. L.A. and its city neighborhoods like Venice face the true reality of gentrification. Which mean pushing the less fortunate out and simply put plan bringing the yuppies in.

    Check out the line and the movement. Congrats homies!